model shoots, workshops & classes for photoGRaphers

I've arranged a wide variety FOR 12 YEARS

leaRn from me how to shoot with people, couples, models, kids...

try out new techniques.

If you'd love to take better pictures of people you can plan to shoot with me on weekends at Golden Hour.

Who is your favorite HERE?

It's really hard for me to choose...I love all these models!


Owner/Photographer at C Withers Media Group

January 8, 2015, Casey worked with Anjel but at different companies

Britt, is one of the most capable fast working and energetic photographers I have ever worked with. Always pushing to get the most out of each frame with her subjects and clients. She is a great teacher in the San Diego community and has many classes set up to help out up and coming photographers who are looking to refine their techniques or build portfolio by shooting with her.


Photographer at Invicta's Art Photography

March 6, 2014, Anjel worked with Invicta

Britt was a wonderful host of her photography workshops I attended while in San Diego. I was overwhelmed by her many abilities and enthusiasm for life and pizzaz! She really knows how to bring people together and run a show. Her energy was infectious and everyone who attended her workshops learned something great.

I teach photographers & models


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