Hello, I'm Anjel Britt

I can coach you & light you to help you look truly amazing! I just love all the artistic & social elements of my work. I aim to excel technically also my photography and retouching all done 'In House'

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British Artist ... in San Diego CA


British Artist ... in San Diego CA


I specialize in shooting large wall art or defining web images.

If you want to upgrade your Web Presence, brand your business visually, or decorate with some fabulous personal or family photos. I'm your girl.

I'm a Londoner so I love to shoot on location outdoors: at the beach, in parks, in front of beautiful buildings, fountains, ships, as well as in private homes & gardens or my Studio. I create for your posting, your website, your home or office walls.

My Photo Collections feature amazing mounted Fine Art linen prints. I use the best Lab in the country, quality-assured. You can also order metal, canvas, or acrylic prints.

My Fine Art prints last over 100 years in typical display conditions, (and up to 200 years, if you want your children's grandchildren to remember you in the future!)



21/7/2015   Michelle C San Diego, UsA

 I can’t say enough positive things about Anjel Britt! She is a natural and so brilliant... photographed my family several times and every time I am in love with the images she creates. Anjel is always able to make my kids cooperate, even when I cant! Everything about her is creative, genuine and authentic. 

We have done beach shoots, park shoots, studio and several creative themes. She even photographed my daughter in a sand storm!. I have recommended Anjel Britt and those people have all booked repeat shoots with her. She doesn’t just “take photos” she goes all out with her efforts, and spends much time retouching afterwards as well.

Anjel Britt's work moves me, and I’m taken back to those moments in time because my memories are captured … It’s priceless. 

6/1/2016   Mae POWELL .  Spring Valley, UsA

Anjel Britt is my favorite professional photographer, She is so experienced and so kind! She focuses on your desires and vision in order to deliver outstanding work!

I absolutely love the incredible passion this woman has for the work she does as well as the commitment she give to each of her clients. Thank you Anjel Britt for the beautiful eye catching unforgettable photos you have captured for me!

Book with her, you won’t be disappointed.

6/2/2018  Dan P.  San Diego, UsA

6/2/2018  Dan P.  San Diego, United States


I am a photographer, but Anjel Britt is a true professional! She’s mastered the most difficult skills a Portrait Photographer: faces. Most notably, posing the model to flatter his/her strengths, and minimizing visual flaws.


She’s always cheerful, full of energy. and ready to give 1,000% to make every shoot a success. I always enjoy working with her and go back any chance I get. I’ve known her for almost 10 years and treasure our professional relationship.