Fast. Gallery of edited PROOF images within 2 weeks of your shoot. Viewing appointment (in person, or on Zoom) 2 weeks from your session. Digital images available for purchase the day of that appointment. Printed Artwork will be ready in 1 more week. Shipping or personal delivery to you!

Do you retouch photos?

Yes I'm renowned for making you look great. Women look believably fresher, slimmer and younger.
Beauty is subjective, nevertheless I will learn what YOU want secretly 'fixed'.


Newborn and baby sessions 2 months in advance when possible, to allow for proper planning and to ensure availability on my schedule.
Business shoots can be slotted in more easily, if they are local.
Boudoir any time.
Family sessions in the Fall fill up fast with regular families creating holiday cards and gifts... So just ask!

Session reserved upon receipt of signed reservation / release and Creation Fee / Deposit (remaining shoot fee to be paid on the day of the shoot).

Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely! It's my pleasure to plan with you, locations, timing, clothing, make up, hair and accessories, along with recommending what to bring (snacks for kids) time of day for the right light, or colors to match your business branding . We will ZOOM or chat to plan and cover everything you'll need to know, so that our shoot can be a great success! Please leave your day open for prep to make sure you can make the time and effort needed for you look your best.

What should I wear?

What looks good on you. I can provide guidance on what clothing photographs best. I have wardrobe available at my studio to borrow for babies, and we can plan some of your wardrobe during your pre-consultation. Don't worry, styling your family for your session is fun! You'll want to choose either colors that suit you, your business colors, flattering necklines and suitable jewelry. Businesses can wear brand logos: families must avoid wearing logos. I will go into this in detail to help you decide everything right for you! Bring your hairbrush and make up along, a couple clothing changes or spares for you and family, so you'll never be short of anything.

Can I get all of the digital images from my session?

My customer service includes coming to you, to help you select your faves. You could purchase, Fine Art wall prints, photographic prints or digital files. I can send you web and full size files direct ... and deliver your beautiful hard copies, boxed, to you in person.

Most of my clients purchase digital files and printed artwork from their session. Digitals are available 'a la carte' or automatically with your physical artwork purchases.

If you want them ALL you can Pre-Pay for your total digital order of all images AND if so you can get your session for FREE.

How many photos do we get?

Whatever you wish to order.
Usually mounted Fine Art prints, for wall display, will appeal to you as well as digitals, once you see them! I allow purchase of individual images Also I offer Collections, which come with digitals and print options.

You are welcome to just order separate digitals a $75 each - or prints of any type or size, as you prefer.

Retouching V Editing?

Creating a file other than a RAW file & cropping, sharpening, changing colors or exposure, fixing backgrounds and sizing is part of EDITING. Any number of other artistic processes to make you look better: fixing shapes, skin, teeth, eyes, hair etc. is RETOUCHING. Applying filters, presets, actions, and overlays are further advanced editing tools.

Customer Service?

I will work to give you fantastic customer service... including pre booking info calls, pre shoot planning, and meeting with you post shoot to share the images and help you select. I will even curate a wall gallery of Fine Art prints for you if you so wish - and get it printed at the best lab in the USA

Can I zoom?

We can zoom to 1: help you decide about shooting with me. 2: to look at outfits before the shoot day. 3: to choose your fave images afterward - if you are not available in person for a viewing appointment. Images will all be put online for you and your family to download as many copies as you wish, once they have been purchased.

Let's talk!

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