How long have you been doing this?

How often and how many people is more experience than how long ... I have shot a minimum of 5 people three times per week for 11 years now! Actually started as a child, was already a portrait photographer for children in 1983, so quite a while on Family photography! Art and Fashion style professionally 2010 until CoVid. Weddings 2011 to 2020.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes indeed! I'm renowned for making women slimmer and younger, in particular! Beauty is subjective, nevertheless I will learn what YOU like or want fixed so you and your friends won't even know that retouching was done ... just that you look, perfect.

Whats your turn around time?

Expect your 'teaser' image chosen by me and sent the next day, and a beautiful gallery of 30+ edited PROOF images to arrive showcased in your email box within a week of your shoot so you can make selections as you wish. You will have 2 weeks to order, then your images go to archive.

Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely!! It's my pleasure to plan with you, locations, timing, clothing, make up, hair and accessories, along with recommending what to bring (snacks for kids) time of day for the right light, or colors to match your business branding . We will ZOOM or chat to plan and cover everything you'll need to know, so that our shoot can be a great success!

What should we wear?

Most important of all! You'll want to choose your business colors, colors that suit you, necklines and correct jewelry. Businesses may want to wear brand logos. In family shoots members must avoid wearing logos. I will go into this in detail to help you decide everything. Bring your make up along, couple clothing changes or spares for you and family, so you'll never be short of anything.

How much will we spend?

Shoot fee is $200 to $350 - depending on details... Collections range from $375 to $1500 (depending on number of images and sizes of Fine Art wall prints). Weddings 1,500-7,000. A La Carte wall art $75 to $500 ... and digital image files $75 each, for non commercial usage

How do we get our photos?

I'll go through the whole shoot to find the best 40 proofs to choose from in a private online gallery. Clicking the HEART symbol on those you like best helps you narrow it down. You'll have the option which Collection to purchase, as Fine Art wall hangings, photographic prints or digital files. I can send you 5- 40 plus web images / full size files.

How many photos do we get?

Whatever you wish to order. Most people think they want just digitals at forst, but order several mounted Fine Art prints, for wall display. All Collections come with digitals, starting with 5. You are welcome to order separate digitals, 20-25 is the average I get asked to provide, unless you are a business, a social media influencer or I am shooting your wedding - in which case you may want a lot more!

Do you have a Service Dog?

Why yes I do. He is amazing, clean and quiet too! Picture below. If you prefer he not be at your shoot do not hesitate to let me know, he may be able to wait for me elsewhere.

Let's talk!

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